Vault Proposals are related to the creation and funding of vaults.

These details are supplied by the Strategist when submitting a vault proposal to governance for approval. A successful submission of the Vault Creation proposal instantiates a unique instance of the Vault Proposal Contract.

Steps needed to pass a vault proposal:

  1. Voting

  2. Funding

  3. Deployment Proposal / Approval


  • Vault Name - The name created vault will be referred by.

  • Text String - 40 characters or less, including letters, numbers, symbols and special characters: e.g. Hedge+.

  • Vault Ticker - Short abbreviation/ticker for the Vault - like an exchange ticker. Must be a unique value among all vaults - active and in process.

  • Strategy Proposal URL - Text field linking the IPFS or URL to proposal PDF.

  • Strategy TVL Minimum (in USD) - Value must be greater or equal to Vault Proposal TVL Minimum Limit. This requirement is modifiable by a governance vote.

  • Developer’s Payment Wallet Address - Payment address for the Developer. Must match an entry in Whitelist Entry and role must be Developer.

  • Developer Funding Requirement - The amount of funds needed to develop the vault, based on sprints and statements of work from the associated Developer. An integer representing USD value in stablecoin; must be greater than the minimum value and less than the maximum : e.g. $80,000. Initial Minimum value: $5,000. Can be changed by Vault Proposal Developer Funding Minimum.governance parameter. Initial Maximum value: $1,000,000. Can be changed by Vault Proposal Developer Funding Maximum.governance parameter.

  • Developer Proposal URL - Text field linking to IPFS or URL to Statement of Work / Sprint Details.

  • Developer Initial Up-Front Payment (optional) - Default is $0; Maximum is limited to the Proposer’s portion of funding.

  • Developer Payment Distribution Schedule - How many payments to be made. Developer Payment Frequency - How frequently payments are to be made; represented in Blocks.

  • Github for Vault Contracts - Must be live before proposal, human checks only; repository resides in Y-Foundry DAO github account.

  • Strategist/Proposal Contribution - Minimum: 5% of total Development Funding Requested; Proposer can fund up to 100% of Developer Funding Requirements. 100% funding means Self-funded and no booster funds are requested / permitted.

To self-fund, the Strategist must possess sufficient fYFD to meet the fYFD proposal funding requirements.

Immutable Values to Store:

  • Current market $YFD price

  • Current multiplier for $YFD to fYFD

  • Amount of blocks remaining to unlock block for the Strategist's YFD

  • Current Ratio for fYFD to YFD stablecoin funding

  • Use current parameter value defined by YFD governance In Forge Contract?

  • Strategist's Wallet Address

  • Stored from connected wallet of Strategist / submission

  • Must have entry in Strategist developer list

  • Create on submission would be acceptable - or separate function/process

  • Vault Proposal Funding Distribution Voting Period Length

  • Vault Proposal Funding Distribution Voting Quorum

ALL governance parameters referenced by the proposal must be captured and stored in the contract at the time of instantiation.

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