Crucibles are the working groups of YFD. Crucibles are small teams of professionals and specialists, each with a particular focus (e.g. marketing, data science, product development) and all dedicated to the long-term growth and health of the DAO.


Where an individual, or even the community, could be incentivized at times to act in short-term self-interest, the Crucibles have a natural incentive to act in the long-term collective interest of the protocol.

Through the bounty and reputation system, members of the crucible can establish a track record of being efficient and capable problem solvers. This means they are not only experienced, but also fast learners, quickly adapting to any task. With reputation, members can openly develop their skills while gaining knowledge and experience from all sides. This further increases their efficiency and the overall health of the project over time.

Having members with different backgrounds means having different points of view on the same subject. This opens up possibilities and opportunities for a fast and sustainable project growth and expansion.

Not only do they provide thought leadership for their respective areas of focus, they will also have the ability to help decide the direction of the protocol through influencing new vault/project proposals and critical governance items.

How to join

For now, hop on to our Discord (include link to discord) and start chatting with our community members to participate!

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