Roles represent the fundamental functionality of the Governance process. Having a certain role means holding one of the following NFTs.

The NFTs are a badge of honour that represents members taking part in the Governance process. While complete functionality is yet to be revealed, the possibilities are endless. The most common use will be offering access to various features to the holders.

While earning a role has certain requirements, there is no limit on how many roles a member can hold, as long as the community whitelists that user for holding that specific role.

Concept art

This is only concept art. NFTs might change down the line.

The Strategist

Strategist role is granted to community members who initiate a Proposal. They have the option to fully fund proposal, or leave the funding up to Boosters.

This role stacks with other roles. A member can be a Strategist on one proposal, a Booster on another and a Voter on a few other.

The Booster

Booster role represents members who help fund a proposal. This role implies putting up collateral along with the vote.

The funding floor for a Booster is 5% of the asking amount, while offering the possibility of going up to 100%.

Please note funding has a max limit. If that limit is reached, the Booster role cannot be acquired.

The Voter

Voter role is offered to any member who takes part in the Governance vote.

The Developer

Developer role is given to the members performing the development portion of the task(s) in the proposal.

This role does not require any collateral or even a vote from the user. It does require that the user is whitelisted by the community to work on YFD projects.

The Developer can hold other roles as well, even the Strategist role - meaning an entity can propose a project, fund it and build it. This scenario would be done to gain access to the YFD ecosystem.

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