The Foundry

Central to the idea of YFD is the concept of the Foundry. A vibrant idea marketplace owned and run by a community of builders, utilizing cutting-edge blockchain technology to enable secure operations, transparent governance, and automated payment for work performed.


Y-Foundry is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Built on blockchain technology and smart contracts, YFD provides an open-source platform for members to vote on decisions related to the projects, platform, and overall marketplace that make up the YFD ecosystem.

Y-Foundry DAO is a community-driven accelerator of ideas, providing a powerful way for creators to connect with builders and collaborate in a transparent and decentralized way.


Strategists are able to receive input from the community and refine their ideas before proposing a project. When a project idea is ready, Strategists can submit it to the community for consideration. Members of the community can support the project by becoming a Booster to provide the project with the necessary funds to launch and then share in its success.

Whitelisted Developers from within the community can accept bounties to help build the project: community investment, development, and ownership.

See Roles for more information.


What makes Y-Foundry truly unique are a set of qualities that enable powerful, trustless collaboration between users:

  • The ability for the protocol to self-fund development without dilution of its token/governance power.

  • The decoupling of Governance and the Treasury, such that the Treasury is a smart contract accountable to perform actions as determined by on-chain governance.

  • Complex governance model when compared to the current models of governance in DeFi where governance proposals are generally “text-only”. In DeFi the executor of the governance action is usually a human or group of human beings using a multi-signature wallet or shared private key, while YFD uses Smart Contracts.

  • The ability to provide guaranteed funding to developers through the escrow of funds to a smart contract with the capability for clawbacks, should the stakeholders determine that deliverables have not been met.

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